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331 E Center St
Pocatello, ID 83201
United States
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Phone: (208) 239-0855


Gay Bar

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Review count: 9
Rating: 2.5
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Yelp Reviews

Review 1:  Date: 03-28-2018  Rating: 5   yelp rating
Excerpt:  This is one of the warmest, most accepting places I've ever been. I don't drink, I can't dance, and for the most part I can't sing. I've always been greeted...
Review 2:  Date: 05-24-2018  Rating: 5   yelp rating
Excerpt:  Such a great staff. Make good drinks and their intertainment is always fun to watch you need a night out this is a good bar to go to
Review 3:  Date: 05-28-2017  Rating: 2   yelp rating
Excerpt:  Drinks are strong, a little expensive, and their bartenders are quick. Great bar in that respect. Community is petentious and snobby. Sad that a place in...

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