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629 Main St
Peoria, IL 61602
United States
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Gay Bar

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Review count: 11
Rating: 3.5
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Yelp Reviews

Review 1:  Date: 07-17-2017  Rating: 5   yelp rating
Excerpt:  I no longer live in the area, but whenever I'm back in town and want to go out, this is the place to go! Great drink prices, an awesome owner and bar staff...
Review 2:  Date: 06-14-2016  Rating: 2   yelp rating
Excerpt:  Just dont. Really. If you do, padlock your pants on to ensure you don't sleep with anyone you meet there and avoid eye contact with 90% of the bar patrons....
Review 3:  Date: 04-07-2016  Rating: 4   yelp rating
Excerpt:  If you're going out dancing south of Chicago or North of St. Louis, here and Berlin are pretty much your only options. This place is a gay bar, and...

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