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Instinct Magazine

  • The trailer is out for the seventh season of Game of Thrones. The HBO fantasy sensation is coming to a climax in what's supposed to be its second final season. In it, we see that Queen Cersei and her brother Jamie are preparing for the many battles awaiting them. With a certain fire queen heading toward their shores, a certain wolf king waiting to the North, and whatever else on the their other borders, there's a lot for them to worry about. But, let's not forget about the invaders coming down from the very top of the world.  Watch the trailer below and see what you think. As for...

  • A Chinese gaming company has just announced that it’s planning to buy all of the stakes in Grindr. Back in January 2016, Beijing Kunlun Tech bought 61.5% of Grindr’s stakes for $93 million, which bumped up the business’s value to $155 million. Then, in an announcement today, they said that they would be buying the the rest of the the stakes for $152 million. Beijing Kunlun Tech is run by billionaire Zhou Yahui, and is one of China’s largest game developers. The purchase is a strategic strategy to allow the company to advertise and market itself to the more than 3 million daily users who are on the app from...

  • Buzzfeed has released a video compilation covering the Indonesian arrest, trial, and punishment of two men charged and convicted of having sexual intercourse. Related Stories:Two Indonesian Men Are Found Guilty Of Sodomy. Will Be Publicly Caned Gay Couple Arrested For Having Sex Face Up To 100 Lashings It is a hard video to watch, but it is necessary to see how LGBTers are being mistreated all over the world.  Yes, this pales in comparison to be made to board the plane last with your family.  Both are mistreatments, but there are extremes to this mistreatment that need to stop. Here is the BuzzFeed News video that once again, contains...

  • Gay porn performer Kayden Gray has come out as HIV-positive in an open and revealing video posted on YouTube. He shares that he contracted HIV 3.5 years ago, almost 9 months into his pornography career.  The video is intensely personal and informative; he shares that he contracted HIV after attending a sex party where he had unprotected sex with numerous men and noticed symptoms soon after. Gray's viral load is undetectable.  Gray's video is sincerely worth viewing in full. Gray shares, "The worst part is the judgment and the cruelty." He cites Impulse Group as an invaluable resource. We truly applaud Kayden for coming out and sharing his story. It's the only...

  • Daniel Lukakis is the latest UK reality star to drop trou! The Love Island stud shows off some very NSFW Snapchat pics, which of course made their way to Tumblr.  Think we could take a trip to (on) Daniel's "love island"??

  • Ellen DeGeneres will perform her first stand up special in 15 years for Netflix!  Ellen and Netflix made the announcement Wednesday morning on Twitter: Looks like it's been 15 years since you did a stand-up special, @TheEllenShow. How about one for Netflix? — Netflix US (@netflix) May 24, 2017 Let me think about it. Ok I'm in. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) May 24, 2017   According to Variety: The new special will mark DeGeneres’ first since 2000, when she appeared in Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning” for HBO. Exciting!! We can't wait to see Ellen do her thing! 




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